ATTACHMENT 1 Special Prize “Tenuta S. Anna Art Collection” – Details

Tenuta S. Anna, Genagricola S.p.a. Group, offers the “Tenuta S. Anna Art Collection” special prize, which is reserved to the artists that register with 2 artworks to the Painting section.
The theme of this special prize is “Colors of the Earth”. Artists can participate with the same works of the main contest or present two other art pieces. The president will be joined by some members of the farm for the selection of the art pieces that will be reproduced of the bottle-labels of Tenuta S.Anna’s most prestigious wines.
The author of the selected artworks will receive a 5.000 euro cash prize. Artworks will remain the propriety of the Artist, accepting Tenuta S. Anna’s pre-emption right for 5 years in case of sale. Tenuta S.Anna get the right to publish the artworks - in full or partially - on wine labels and/or other materials for commercial, promotional purposes.
By subscribing this regulation, artists authorize Tenuta S.Anna to use their images, by renouncing to any rights (royalties included).
Deadline for Tenuta S.Anna Special Prize is 30th September, 2009.